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Embark Upon a Thrilling Journey

Explore a land with diverse landscapes, ecologies, and weather, as well as a realistic day/night cycle. The v1.0 release of Myth of Empires also features a new map – Dongzhou Island, offering new adventures and challenges.

Build Your Own Empire From the Ground Up

Myth of Empires features sandbox gameplay with a high degree of freedom; the game has 1300+ different crafting recipe, allowing you to build your own empire. The v1.0 release adds new recipes, including mechanical tools and base defenses, as well as a new planting system. The possibilities are endless.

Recruit NPCs, Tame Wildlife

In-depth taming and training systems allow players to recruit or subdue additional forces to aid them in combat and production. The v1.0 release adds new boss NPCs and powerful beasts. In addition, smaller types of animals can be used to help power your base’s defenses.

Wage Epic Wars on Ancient Battlefields

Myth of Empires features hundreds of different weapons, armor, and large-scale engineering equipment. Pick the weapons that best suit your playstyle, or utilize your strategic capabilities to build an army. The v1.0 release introduces powerful mechanical base defenses, wooden oxen, and other new combat equipment to further enrich the game’s deep war experience.

Engage in Cross-server Battles

Establish administrative regions, fight for the position of county magistrate, and compete to expand your territory through Fortress Battles. Craft the perfect guild and utilize your diplomatic prowess to ensure its long-term stability.

Write Your Own Legend

With 25 different development paths, a 16-level title system, and more than 100 achievements, you have complete freedom in growing your character. Become a legendary military commander, or content yourself with the life of a simple farmer – the choice is yours.




War of Cold Steel


Personal Growth

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The open flatlands are rich in plant resources, low level animals and NPCs. The terrain here is easy to navigate, it is the perfect training place for beginners, but it can be difficult to hide your base here.


Plagued with Miasma and venomous bugs, this kind of wetland is one of the most dangerous habitats in the world. However, the availability of bugs and high level plant resources here makes this place a popular destination for explorers. Bring a censer, at least then you can breathe.


Extremely rich in fauna and flora. The thick vegetation makes riding and vehicle travel difficult, but it does make hiding easy, which is why this can be an ideal location for beginners.


In the snow covered land of the extreme cold, where only Fir Trees can survive the blizzards. The mines here contain the most precious mineral resources in the world. Pay attention to keeping warm when you exploring here.


An extremely hot arid region, only Poplar Trees and a few shrubs grow here. The False Daisy is a precious plant that is unique to this habitat. Remember to bring an Ice Container to cool down and beware of dust storms.


Although the mountains make transportation difficult, they can become a natural barrier of defense. With relatively rich resources, they can meet the daily needs of novice players and can become a very popular area.